Our service is free and confidential

Anyone aged 16 years or above in the Bradford area who is affected by bereavement can contact Bradford Bereavement Support. Our aim is to offer, equal access to our service irrespective of sexual orientation, religion or belief, ethnic background, disability or culture.

Our services at a glance

  • Individual one-to-one bereavement counselling
  • Pre-Bereavement Support
  • Telephone Counselling (in special circumstances)
  • Urdu & Punjabi Speaking Counsellors

Referral Criteria

A person would need to self-refer and will then be individually assessed by our assessment counsellor in a face to face meeting.

  1. The person resides in the Bradford District and is above the age of 16 years old.
  2. The person has suffered a loss and bereavement and is experiencing emotional distress.
  3. The assessment shows that the person will benefit from counselling.
  4. The person is willing to commit to regular weekly counselling sessions


Appointments are self referal.


We can only make appointments with those personally affected by bereavement, although we welcome requests for information from concerned professionals, relatives and friends.


An assessment is carried out at your first appointment to ensure we can meet your needs and you get the best possible service.


After this initial assessment you will be allocated a counsellor once one becomes available. Waiting times are dependent on the demand for our service and we appreciate your patience at this time.


Counselling sessions are usually an hour long, for as many sessions as required, up to the maximum of 12. There will be opportunities to review your progress and the decision to end counselling before the maximum of 12 sessions is yours.


Simply call us on 01274 619522 or use our contact form.

Initial Appointment

The 45 to 60 minute face to face initial appointment is ultimately arranged to see how and if we can support you further. 


Once you have attended the initial appointment with our Assessment Counsellor and it's agreed that counselling is suitable, you will be allocated to one of our Counsellors once one is available.


Appointment Times and Days will be identified by you and the Assessment Counsellor at this initial meeting.

Counselling Appointments

Counselling Appointments will be made based on the information agreed with you at the initial appointment. It's important that you give the correct information regarding your availability for your counselling sessions to enable your quick allocation to a counsellor.


Once allocated to your Counsellor, appointments will be for 60 minutes, held on a weekly basis and continue at the same time and day. It's important that you attend every weekly session to make the most of your Counselling.


Bradford Bereavement Support appreciates that sometimes the Client / Therapist relationship is not always easy. As a Client you are welcome to voice any concerns or queries you have outside of this relationship with the Service Manager.


BBS Counselling Room - Albion Mills
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