The purpose of the bereavement support groups will be to help identify healthy, effective coping techniques for bereavement, develop skills often to mitigating feelings of angst, fear, pain, and loss. The groups will also provide a great support network— to members in similar circumstances with similar experiences with whom they can share in an open and safe space. For some people, this may be their only support network. The groups will allow people to be where they are and validate and normalises what they’re feeling.


The bereavement support groups will not be a therapy group, the focus of the group will be on to adapt to changes in life circumstances.


By introducing people to others who are going through a similar experience, the support group will offer ways in which to “normalise” the grief experience. The groups will offer participants opportunities to learn new roles, new ways of problem-solving or coping with situations by listening to the experiences of other members.


Experience has also shown that people who are grieving are often helped by the opportunity to reach out and help others, and participation in a group not only offers members the chance to be helped, but also to help others. They will provide people with a place in which to tell their story and talk about their loved one. It allows a safe place in which to not only express emotion, but often times to “try out” new ideas or new ways of behaving.


The Groups may of course, provide participants with a way in which to develop new friendships by bonding with some of those who are also in the group. They will also provide people with a chance to laugh, learning that not all grieving needs to be sad and painful.



How to access the service


**The Groups are intended for people aged 16 and over.


We can only match you with a Bereavement Support Group once you have contacted us and carried out a telephone assessment. 


Although we welcome requests for information from concerned professionals, relatives and friends.


How long does the support last?


The sessions with the Bereavement Support Group will normally last an hour and a half although this may vary.


The support will last for 8 weeks, with the possibility of the group continuing after these sessions have finished. 


There will be opportunities to review your support needs and decide if you wish to access any other of our services e.g. Counselling or Practical Bereavement Support


Contact us for more information regarding this service

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